Citizen Juling : Youtube

How did a young idealist, Buddhist art teacher Juling from the far North,
end up lying comatose in a pool of blood at a village kindergarten school
in the deep Islamic South? Colourful human rights activist and senator
Kraisak Choonhavan goes on the road to understand what happened and why.
Definitely not a straight enquiry into the Southern Unrest in Thailand,
this strange documentary takes a deep-immersion trip into the country s soul
with all its bizarre scenes. From the opening among ecstatic royalist crowds
on the streets of Bangkok on Coronation Day in June 2006, to the festive
military coup d etat that ends it, the filming co-incides with the last four
intense months of the Thaksin Shinawatra government, under which thousands
died in extra-judicial killings and many disappeared.